Three Fertility MISTAKES Most Women Make, and How To Avoid Them!

Conceive With Joy: A Transformational Program Towards Optimal Fertility

Are you ready to conceive with joy, ease and grace?

You may be thinking, “That sounds impossible!”, or, “Hey, it worked for you, Weirdo Sara, but it wouldn’t work for me!”

I get it- your journey towards healing your infertility has been tough. And it’s hard to imagine it could be anything other than difficult, frustrating and painful.

It’s also not your fault that your journey to baby has been difficult. And there’s nothing wrong with you OR your body. 

It’s been difficult, frustrating and painful because you haven’t had a woman who’s had your same infertility struggles and gone through the other side to show you the way.

My name is Sara, I’m a Natural Fertility Guide, and I guide women just like you towards having an easeful and joyful journey to baby through my Conceive With Joy Program.

If you are fed up with feeling frustrated and being in pain, fed up with the merry go round of emotions and inner judgements, give yourself the gift of time with me, to see if the Conceive With Joy Program may be the way through the pain and to the other side: baby and motherhood.

All my love,



In this 28 Day Program, you will:

Naturally and easefully get on a regular hormonal, menstrual and ovulation cycle;

Learn how to receive support from your Spirit Allies on your journey to motherhood;

Activate your inner Fertile Mama;

Learn about and Connect with Your Goddess allies on your journey to motherhood;

Learn how to connect with the Spirit that’s meant to be your baby;

Release mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that are getting in the way of you getting pregnant naturally;

Learn how to say goodbye to miscarriage fear forever

This 28 Day Fertility Mini Bootcamp is the most powerful program I’ve ever created to help you become ready for motherhood. If you are tired of struggling to get pregnant, if you are tired of living in fear you will miscarry again, this program is for you! Let’s make your motherhood dreams a reality.