Three MISTAKES you are making TRYING to GET PREGNANT, and HOW to avoid them!



Since she was a little girl, Sara only wanted two things: to become a mother someday and help other mothers and babies. This desire to support mothers and babies led her down the path of becoming a doula, lactation consultant and perinatal massage therapist. Working with moms and babies in these avenues was deeply fulfilling and inspiring, but a nagging feeling of, “what’s next?” or “what else?” never left.

Sara knew she had something deep to bring forth into her work with moms and babies but wasn’t sure what it was. It took being diagnosed with infertility and poly cystic ovarian syndrome at age 29 for Sara to go on a healing journey that would change her life and change the work she felt called to bring to the world. For the first time in her life, Sara allowed herself to connect to her womb space, tune into the inner guidance residing in her womb space, feel the power of ritualized work to the Goddess and feel herself as the Fertile Goddess that she is.

It is with these deep lessons Sara has learned and the path she has walked, that the spirit of her work is offered. May all women heal, May all women feel love, May all women know their own divinity.